Do you like mini glass bongs?

Mini glass bongs are small and beautiful, integrating function and appearance. Real connoisseurs in the higher standard heavy-duty small beaker long for the same power and performance, the classic higher-standard heavy beaker, but in a compact, portable design. The glass tube is 8 inches high and uses a classic glass beaker design to ensure stability. Although it is small in size, it is very powerful and can be used as your daily driver. In addition, it is the perfect item to enjoy coolness, smoothness and silkiness on the go. You may have a certain misunderstanding about mini glass weed bongs, let us learn about mini water bongs glass pipes together.

 Benefits of mini glass beaker

  Anyone who owns a glass tube can tell you the struggle to drag a beaker because they lack portability. This is the highlight of this mini glass pipes and bongs, because it is low-key and easy to carry, very suitable for gatherings with friends or outdoor gatherings.

   Another common problem and misunderstanding about mini glass water bongs is that they provide low-quality clicks. But don’t let the small size fool you. Although ordinary water pipes can hold more smoke than small glass pipes, heavy-duty mini glass smoking bongs can provide stronger and more delicious smoke because the ratio of air to smoke is smaller, so you experience a higher quality blow.

   Is the higher standard mini cool glass bongs suitable for you?

   If you buy portable glass water pipes with water filtration function in the market, then mini wholesale glass bongs are your perfect choice. The design of the beaker focuses on efficiency and ease of use, making it ideal for all experience levels. Another important feature of this beaker is the dual-purpose function, so you can flexibly switch between dried herbs and concentrated medicines during use.

   In addition, the pipe is made of thick medical grade borosilicate glass, so if you want to take the mini glass beaker anywhere, you will sit back and relax, it will not break. Whether this is your first product or you want to add to your collection, this miniature beaker can meet all your expectations of standard pipes, and is compact without sacrificing quality.

    Higher standard mini glass beaker specifications

  The higher standard combines a comprehensive mini glass beaker to meet all your needs. If you look at the price tag, you will be surprised because you can get so many things without breaking the bank. Let’s take a closer look at all specifications:

   size: 8 inches high

  Design: 7mm thick medical grade glass beaker

   Connector: Detachable micro glass downstream, with 6-slit diffusion

  45 Quartz rod, carbohydrate cap and big tools

   fat lip mouthpiece

  Ice trap and customized mini ice mold

  How to assemble and use your glass water pipe

   First carefully remove the beaker from the shell, together with the smaller part. Now is the interesting part. According to your mood or occasion, choose dried herbs or concentrates, and then add water to the beaker.

   If you smoke dried herbs, please grind your flowers into a fine powder to burn them evenly. Then:

   pick up your bowl

   Evenly packed

   connect it to the lower pole

   can be used

   mini glass bongs are also a good equipment, so if you want to smoke your favorite concentrate:

   grab your stick

   heat to the temperature you like

   Use the dab tool to add your concentrate

   Let it rip!

  Use the included carbohydrate cap to adjust the airflow to your liking. No matter what your mood is, mini glass water bongs for sale can meet your needs. You may not be used to using mini thick glass bongs at first, because it is smaller than what you usually use, but after you use it for a period of time, you will find how practical this mini glass bongs is in your daily life, no matter it is It can be more convenient to carry around at home or outside.

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