Do you know that the little things in life can help you?

Everyone knows how easy it is to misplace important cool glass bongs tools. If you want cool glass bongs, you want to use glass beaker bongs, grinders, and even lighters are hard to find. That’s so sad. Fortunately now, there are several ways to overcome these unique problems. Since we spend more time indoors these days, these can make it easier to live indoors. Basically, you can use common items at home instead of your usual materials. As an online head office, we consider ourselves to be experts in all aspects of smoking. These are some of our favorite household items that can be used to satisfy all your thick glass bongs needs. Here everyone can find out.

   1. a paper clip

   Cool glass bongs of FRP pipe you use several times, resin will accumulate. If you are in the thick glass bongs stage, it is impossible to stop and clean up. This is where the paperclip can be a real savior.

  Using the end of the paper clip, you can pick out the resin inside the glass beaker bongs and the mixture to restore the airflow to normal.

2. Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar

   Dirty headies glass bongs will greatly damage your cool glass bongs experience. A large amount of resin will create unclear passages, and when the smoke reaches your mouth, it will suppress and dilute the smoke. Cleaning these headies glass bongs is the most important. When you run out of legal cleaning supplies, isopropyl alcohol is ideal for emergency cleaning. Soaking your work in it is an easy way to start the cleaning process and quickly remove the resin. To clean a pipe with too much resin, you can soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Next, use a cotton swab to remove the residue. Glass beaker bongs with too much resin can be cleaned with cotton swabs. You can also use the product to actively prevent resin accumulation. Rubbing alcohol is very suitable for dissolving resin, but it can not completely remove all the stains accumulated in the pipe. White vinegar is the most commonly used household material for cleaning water stains that are used in large quantities. This applies to the inside and outside of your smoking gun.

    3. Scissors and tweezers

One of the holy grails of cool glass bongs is glass weed bongs. Without a grinder, trying to reduce your herbs to a compact, smokable form can be very painful. Obviously, you can make moderate progress by deconstructing them by hand. However, scissors are the best alternative to grinders. In addition, the thinner the blade, the higher the efficiency of decomposition. Moreover, although scissors are a respected alternative, they still lack the full functionality of a grinder. There is no underground kief capture compartment to collect more effective herbs.
Sometimes, digging out your roll paper to smoke is required for the cool glass bongs experience. But-what if you don’t have a cockroach clamp? In an emergency, tweezers are an excellent alternative to a cockroach clamp. Their size is perfect for gripping joints and preventing finger burns.

   4. Mason jar

   Mason jars are known for their ability to be completely sealed, which means they are perfect for storing aromatic herbs. In fact, you can even remove the herbs completely from the plastic bag. However, be sure to keep the container away from natural sunlight.

5. Business cards, toilet paper rolls and dry paper

   Next time any salesman tries to give you a business card, take some because no matter how cautious you are, you may still spill some herbs. Instead of picking up each piece with your fingers, a business card will help you scrape it together for the next cool glass bongs. If you are smoking marijuana, then business cards can also be the perfect temporary thick glass bongs. Feeling adventurous? You will want to button this. If you don’t want so much smoke, toilet paper rolls may be your savior. To make this “fluffy”, several sheets (three to four) of dry paper are loaded into the toilet paper roll. Then, take another piece of dry paper, cover it on the entire toilet paper roll, and fix it with rope, tape or rubber band. This kind of temporary device can prevent the smoke from filling your home.

   These are small items around you. You can overdo it when you need it in a hurry. If you have a good idea, you can also leave a message with us, so that we can collect more and more useful information and then tell more people in need. What a wonderful thing this will be!

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