DIY water pipes Cleaner-home solution

  The earliest glass water pipe cleaner that has withstood the test of time is a bottle of isopropanol and salt. For decades, this old backup device has been helping smokers clean glass. Alcohol effectively dissolves the resin and softens it, so that the salt can pull it off the wall of your pipe or rig, and then slide straight out. Although this method of cleaning glass is effective, it is also very cheap, which explains its popularity. The price of a 32-ounce bottle of 91% ISO and a 1-pound container of salt does not exceed $5.

  Compared with other pipe cleaners, the disadvantage of using rubbing alcohol is time-time is money. Usually, you need to soak the pipe in alcohol for at least one hour to loosen the clumped resin. If it is particularly dirty, you may need to soak again, or even soak overnight. This is in contrast to professional flue gas purifiers, which can work in just a few minutes.

  How to clean frozen water pipes with isopropanol

  Start with the highest percentage of alcohol you can find. The purer the alcohol, the better the cleaning effect. Fill the pipe cavity with alcohol, plug or hold the joints and joints, and then “dust” the alcohol around the pipe until the alcohol covers the inside. If your pipe is really dirty, don’t hesitate to fill it with alcohol. You can also add coarse salt to the mixture to help remove solid residue. Salt will not damage your glass, but it will cause deep scratches on acrylic and ceramics.

  Another suggestion is to heat the alcohol in a microwave before use. At room temperature, the effect of warm alcohol is even faster than alcohol. Be careful, the microwave heating time should not exceed 15 seconds. Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water and it boils very quickly. You don’t want a microwave full of alcohol.

  Finally, let your vape pens soak for at least an hour. Dirty hookah needs more time. After soaking, rinse the cigarette holder with water until the resin is completely washed away and there is no alcohol smell. As we mentioned before, a very dirty smoker may need another round of alcohol treatment.

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