Five Tips for Getting More Steam From Your Hay Vaporizer

  The use of electronic cigarettes is very welcome in society. E-cigarettes have brought a whole new experience to people who like marijuana. Lighting up your joints is no longer the only way to enjoy marijuana.

  Now, there is a healthier alternative that aims to surpass popular pipe smoking. However, there is a problem. Carburetors and very atomized processes may seem overly complicated.

  Getting high-quality steam from your hay should be your top priority. Not only can you reach the full potential of the herb, but you can also enjoy all the benefits that cannabis has to offer. Before giving you five tips on how to get more steam, let’s take a quick look at how vaporizers work.

  The “complex” design of the evaporator

  In order to know how to get more steam from your herbal vaporizer, you need to know how the vaporizer works. These cool devices are used to vaporize the alkaloids and terpenes in cannabis without burning it.

  The vaporizer will preheat the herbs and then signal you to start vaping. There are two types of evaporators – convection and conduction.

  From the outside, the two types may look the same, but they heat herbs in completely different ways. Convection heats the air around the herbs, while conduction vaporizers heat the surface on which the herbs are located.

  They both heat cannabis to the optimum temperature and help you vaporize all the essential compounds in cannabis.

  Let’s take a look at five tips for getting more steam from your hay vaporizer

  Make sure your evaporator is clean.

  Dry herbal vaporizers must be clean to provide high quality steam. When you use the vaporizer, the herbs will leave a little residue in it.

  However, with frequent use, residue can build up and clog the system. Your herbs may not get enough heat or airflow will suffer. In any case, a reduction in steam efficiency will result.

  It’s best to clean your vaporizer before each use. Do it at least once a day. Make sure to use the tool that came with the vaporizer to remove any residue left inside. In most cases, the kit includes a pin that can help with the process.

  You don’t even have to throw away the residue. Put it in a separate box and smoke as much as you want.

  Prepare your herbs before vaping.

  Five Tips for Getting More Steam From Your Hay Vaporizer

  You can’t just put an herb in a vaporizer and expect it to come out with a thick, delicious smoke. Do you use marijuana or marijuana? no right? You need to grind the herbs before putting them in the vaporizer.

  Pre-ground herbs from the renowned Canadian Herbal House provide a smooth and great experience of vaping as the entire herb is heated evenly. If you decide to use e-cigarettes, you need to buy a sturdy little grinder.

  You don’t have to grind herbs into powder. Just make sure they are evenly ground into small pieces. Some herbs may be too sticky to grind. Don’t worry, let them dry out a little more and you’ll make them better for the grinder. The correct temperature requires a full battery.

  Note that your vaporizer uses batteries to heat herbs and produce steam. Continued use of the vaporizer will drain the battery and significantly affect the vaping experience. You should always make sure your vaporizer is fully charged or above 60% for best results.

  Not only does the battery affect the temperature, it also affects how quickly the evaporator heats up. Making sure your battery is fully charged will not only improve the quality of the vapor, but also the overall vaping experience.

  The optimum temperature is very important for high quality steam.

  Temperature is the number one factor in getting more steam from a dry herbal vaporizer. There are two numbers to remember. Cannabinoids begin to evaporate at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius), while marijuana begins to burn at about 410 degrees Fahrenheit (210 degrees Celsius).

  Whether e-cigarettes are used at 300 F (150 C) or 410 F (210 C) has been debated. We recommend that you maintain a temperature in between, such as 340 degrees Fahrenheit (170 degrees Celsius).

  Forget about depth and fast drawing.

  Finally, to take your vaping experience to the next level, forget everything you’ve learned while smoking a tip or pipe, including deep, fast and fluff. Dry herb vaporizers require new technology.

  For maximum steam, breathe smoothly and shallowly. There is no need to hold your breath as it only takes a second for the cannabinoid to be absorbed by the lungs.

  These tips will help you improve your vaping experience and get more vapor from your dried herb vaporizer. Combine these tips with the manual that came with your vaporizer to get a thick, high-quality vapor from your herbs.

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