Vaporizers, often called “vapes,” for short, are electronic devices that offer an alternative to traditional smoking methods. There is a range of vaporizers on the market for e-liquid, dry herb, and marijuana concentrates.

  The spreading legalization in recreational and medical marijuana combined with how easy vape kits are to use has skyrocketed the trend in weed vaporizers and dab pens.

  Dry herb vaporizers and wax pens are two such devices that have become the latest trend in consuming weed, cannabis oil, and wax.

  Vaping is more subtle than smoking. The vapor dissipates faster than smoke would. Also, as you’re not burning anything, there is less smell. Due to smelling less and producing less visible vapor/smoke, wax pens or oil vape pens will draw less notice and won’t draw attention like smoking a joint. Compared to smoking, vaping also kinder on the lungs, so you can avoid the experience of coughing over a joint.

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