How to clean your How to clean your helix glass pipes or cameleon glass pipes properly

To ensure that you always have a first-class glass spoon pipe experience, one of the most important things you can do is to keep your wholesale glass pipes and accessories clean. This includes shooting your custom glass pipes. Fortunately, all the ways to keep the glass methamphetamine pipes or electronic glass smoking pipes squeaky are simple.

   torch, pat your glass smoking pipes

   This is the easiest of all cleaning methods, because all you have to do is to make your tap or electronic glass smoking pipes red with a flashlight. Any sticky residue should start to liquefy and evaporate, at this time you can use a cotton swab to enter all the narrow spaces near the dome. The Q-tip method is the best way to ensure that everything is thoroughly wiped clean.

   Attention to users who shoot glass smoking pipes at the time: Try not to burn the time under ultra-high temperature, even if the excess residue is removed. High temperature can cause crystal devitrification or change the atomic structure of the crystal, causing it to lose its glass luster. Using a butane torch and keeping the temperature below 1832 degrees Fahrenheit (ie devitrification) will make your season look great.

   hot dip

  Is there any oxidation problem? In order to remove the unpleasant white residue, you can use a method similar to flavoring glass smoking pipes. Just heat the glass smoking pipes to your usual tapping temperature, and then immerse them in a bowl of water at around room temperature. The heat in the water helps eliminate oxidation. Be careful not to burn yourself!

  International Organization for Standardization Bath

   External use of ISO or alcohol is a good way to remove residues that will not be discarded. However, it is important to ensure that all alcohol is burned afterwards, otherwise you will inhale harmful fumes the next time you glass tobacco pipes. Soak the glass smoking pipes in rubbing alcohol, lightly tap the glass smoking pipes for 5-10 minutes, and just re-season them. Then you are ready to participate in another glass spoon pipes conference!

   How often should I clean DAB Dingding or E-NAIL?

   How often you rub glass methamphetamine pipes depends on your preference. If you often share your percussion device with others, it is recommended that you clean it after each use. However, some people of glass spoon pipes think that leaving residue on the shot glass smoking pipe helps to create the best flavor over time, so they never clean it. In the end, it’s up to you!

   Browse the digital glass smoking pipes and electronic glass tobacco pipes on thick butt glass

   Whether you want to be timely, titanium or electronic glass smoking pipes, thick butt glass has all the accessories you need to create the ultimate glass spoon pipes experience. Check out our complete collection, and feel free to contact us for more “inspirations”.

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