glass water bongs-weed vape pens:what is the difference?

Now that you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your plumbing or faucet device, you may understand why it is the preferred method for many smokers. But did you know that you can create a more exciting smoking experience by adding accessories such as filters and dust absorbers? Let us explain.

  What is weed vape pens?

   Understand that when using water pipes or faucet devices (a type of water pipe), you don’t need a permeator, even though they have become the standard in the smoking community. People who use water pipes usually want a smoother smoking experience. The working principle of weed vape pens is to further cool the flue gas-to make the process better.

   type of weed vape pens

   Tap the device to isolate and enjoy the taste. Weed vaporizers make the smoking process smoother. Using weed vape pens can make these two devices better.

   When buying a filter, you should consider the spread of the smoking experience you want to get rid of. Here are some of the most popular models on the market:

     honeycomb filter. In essence, this is just a glass disc with many holes. The water is on the top of the disk, and the smoke spreads in the water. Due to its low resistance and high diffusion, this type of weed vape pens may be one of the most popular diffusers. The price of honeycomb filters is usually very reasonable because they provide a lot of features.

   sintered discs weed vape pens, originally designed as laboratory equipment, were later brought into the counter-cultural industry by David Goldstein. The sintering disc actually melts the broken glass in the disc. This may provide hundreds of diffusion holes. The only disadvantage of this design is that it requires frequent cleaning. TAG’s sintered plate is made of larger glass frit (broken glass pieces), which helps to extend the service life and does not require cleaning. The old version of the TAG sintering disc was made with a smaller sintering disc, and we quickly learned that this would lead to faster clogging. This will have a big impact on functionality. Therefore, before the equipment is thoroughly cleaned, users will find that the parts that used to have no resistance have received great resistance. The current TAG version of the sintering disc can be used for a longer time without cleaning,

   Built-in filter. As one of the simplest and usually the cheapest weed vape pens, the built-in weed vape pens are actually worth the money. TAG adopts standard bottom slit in-line weed vape pens, which have been fine-tuned to maximize its function. A thin slit rod is added to the slit. Because of their multiplier effect on the number of slits, we also call these “multiplier rods”. Essentially, you take a slit, add a multiplier, and now you have two diffusion holes. Some of our most functional works have many incisions and multipliers, which can achieve amazing diffusion. These multiplying rods will definitely increase the purchase price, but they are very worthwhile for the functional advantages achieved. Our typical idea is to build it in the right way. Shower filter. Almost all diffusers on the market are variants of shower heads. To illustrate my point of view, from the perspective of TAG (from a philosophical perspective), the following weed vape pens are regarded as shower nozzles: tree percs, matrix percs, ultra-slit ice hockey, built-in shower nozzle, inverted built-in shower nozzle, super Slot donuts percs, fixed foam diffuser, fixed shower head foam diffuser. We use blanket terminology to describe any type of diffuser, except disc diffusers and in-line sprinklers, regardless of whether there is an inner tube or not. Essentially, all new weed vape pens on the market are variants of shower heads. Having said that, it is a great diffuser. Your iconic shower head will have an inner tube in the center that flows out from a slit at the bottom so that the water tank can maintain the water level without losing it. Therefore,

Tree filter. This is one of the most classic and oldest weed vape pens designs. The tree infiltrator has multiple tubes (called arms), and each tube has a diffusion slit. TAG’s tree armor piercing projectile has a fixed tree arm welded to the bottom of the tank. This strengthens the arms, so they are more durable than traditional hanging trees. This also helps to reduce resistance.

   Matrix Permeator. As mentioned above, the matrix weed vape pens is another variation of the sprayer, the difference is that the inner ring of the matrix forms a grid structure. These are almost like multiplying rods, turning a large crack into two, three or even four holes. Due to its low resistance and high diffusion efficiency, the matrix perc is an excellent penetrant.

   Turbo weed vape pens. TAG usually does not use turbo weed vape pens as a diffusion device. Another term is “rotating splash guard”. We believe that the rotating splash guard is the best way to prevent water from entering the lips of honeycomb and porous disc devices. The inclined slit guides the water to the chamber wall in a cyclonic motion. This will draw all the momentum of the water towards the wall while allowing the smoke to move upward from the pipe. Our personal opinion on turbine weed vape pens is not suitable, because it will lose power due to the size of the slit, pushing water to the wall, resulting in bad taste and inconsistent suction. Turbo perc is primarily a sales strategy because it is visually appealing when purchased online or viewed in person. In function, the spiral weed vape pens. In TAG’s view, this is another type of sprinkler, essentially an interesting way of spreading smoke through water. In my opinion, unless it is used with a glycerin coil, its design is not worthwhile. Once again, this filter seems more like a sales strategy. ——It looks cool, but the function is really not as good as your standard shower.

   So what is a gray catcher?

  The dust absorber is located at the lower end of the water pipe and can be used with weed vape pens. This accessory is specially designed to catch debris and prevent dust and resin from entering your water pipe or faucet device. The ash remover filters the dust with water before smoking through the equipment. This helps to clean and maintain the water pipe, so you can use it for a long time. Many dust absorbers are also designed to filter smoke. Do you know the type of dust absorber? The thick butt glass vacuum cleaner can actually be converted into an independent mini water pipe! Here are some of our most popular models: Currently, TAG provides a built-in shower head vacuum cleaner, which works by keeping water above the slit. Since the water is always on top, this actually forces diffusion to occur on a higher percentage of slits during use. Traditional shower nozzles may have problems with misalignment and water drainage from the gaps. As you know, if there is no water on the slit, it will not spread. The indoor shower head is excellent with low resistance and high diffusion penetration.

  Glass bongs for sale. TAG provides a fixed herb vaporizers that can provide durability and effective diffusion. Use cheaper tree pole ash traps, and the tree poles are not fixed or welded to the bottom of the chamber. If the tree is not fixed at the bottom, the perch of the tree may be very fragile. If you drop the glass, it will definitely break first.

 Lead water pipes. TAG’s honeycomb ash trap has a recovery chamber to prevent the accumulation of honeycombs. As you may know, marijuana vaporizers are very effective at accumulating moisture, causing the water to rise and leave the glass. This is a big problem with vacuum cleaners. If water leaves the cbd vape pens and enters the water pipe, it will affect your water level, thereby reducing function.

   Non-diffusion dust collector. The function of this design is inspired by sovereign glass. Just place a room full of water under the slide, and any falling ashes will fall into the water and stay in it. Non-diffusive cbd vape pens can keep dust so that your pipes can be kept clean for longer. The TAG non-diffusion dust trap is shaped like a pull-down type. The reason behind this is to keep the connector of the cbd vape pens at the same level as the connector of the water pipe so as not to interfere with the intended use of the water pipe. Many users prefer this style because it does not provide additional unnecessary diffusion and has less impact on overall resistance.

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