Glass bongs series

  glass bongs collection a new series of glass pipes and bongs products – stunning pieces decorated with delicate glass bongs blown in our glass factory.

  Scorpion symbol

  The scorpion is not only a small insect-like creature, but also lives in hot and dry regions of the world with a long body, curved tail and a poisonous stinger. The scorpion symbol is associated with the astrological sign Scorpio, but it also has other meanings. For those who believe in rebirth after death, it is also known as a totem animal. It is deadly and can mean danger. The scorpion is a symbol of passion, domination, defense and enthusiasm.

  glass smoking bongs on scorpion gunA

  Our cool glass bongs create a unique scorpion smoking bong with glass bongs adorning the bong and bowl. scorpion smoking bongs can be ordered with the classic glass on glass removable bowl for dry smoking substances or with oil for smoking liquids. The scorpion bong is all smoked in silver and has an amazing color changing glass effect – its color adjusts slightly to temperature changes and different lighting conditions. Once you use wholesale glass bongs or appear in the sunlight, its color will turn blue and your bong will always amaze you. Scorpion bongs are made of high quality materials such as durable Pyrex, raw silver and the best colors.

  Scorpion sticks are the best accessory

  The trendy water bongs glass pipes need its best friend, the Scorpio Weed Bottle. Both are smoked silver and made of Pyrex. glass water bongs are the best place to keep your grasslands safe. Cork is included in the room rate.

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